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Closing the Homework Gap

Bridging the Last Mile

You’re working to give your student’s the best connectivity at your schools.  Why not partner with a company that can also improve their connectivity outside the classroom?

MNW Telecom’s unique value proposition lies in our comprehensive approach to K-12 connectivity as part of community connectivity.

Schools are one of the anchor institutions of a community, and there are numerous incentives for companies to build out connectivity- even in remote areas.  However, in those areas where broadband choices are limited or non-existent, students are at a disadvantage due to poor connectivity at home.  

MNW Telecom works with district administrators to identify areas where residential connectivity is lacking.   From there, MNW Telecom’s sister company, Surf Broadband Solutions, can work to extend private LTE and fiber to the home. Most carriers that service schools are not focused on residential connectivity.   For MNW Telecom, however, bringing broadband to households is integral to our business strategy.

Scalable Private Network

MNW Telecom constructs a scalable private network for your schools.

Community Partnerships

MNW Telecom partners with community stakeholders to address local needs.


Closing the Homework Gap

MNW Telecom’s subsidiary can deliver fixed wireless and FTTH for your students.

Economic Development

Better broadband for existing businesses, local government, healthcare and more.

A Catalyst for Growth

Your school’s connectivity leads to a community partnership for real broadband solutions.

Staffed by a team of seasoned telecom professionals with a combined 80+ years of experience deploying private networks, MNW Telecom is a nationally recognized leader in managed communications services.

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