Carrier Grade Service Level Agreement

MNW Telecom delivers robust, high-availability connectivity for its E-rate clients, and our engineering and support staff provide the highest level of ongoing support.

Our SLA includes:

  • 99.99% availability commitment
  • Frame/packet loss commitment
  • Network latency commitment
  • Network jitter commitment
  • 24x7x365 Helpdesk/NOC availability
  • SNMP dashboard

For MNW Telecom, emergency response is only one part of supporting a network deployment. Ongoing collaboration with E-rate clients is crucial for adjusting and improving the network as needs and utilization change.

As part of its service, MNW Telecom will:

  • Provide continuous monitoring 24x7x365 of the transport network and internet egress and send reports to E-rate clients regarding quality of service, utilization trends, possible performance impacts, recommended network configurations and more.
  • Provide immediate (and temporary) service disconnection for any connections that are causing harm to the network (due to DoS attack, malware, etc.)
  • Provide E-rate clients with an NMS dashboard for on-demand access to network status, utilization, etc.
  • Consult with E-rate clients about network configuration, optimization, and best practices.
  • Notify E-rate clients with a minimum 10 business days of any planned maintenance to the network.
  • Provide E-rate clients with immediate notification of any outages, issues or trends

Staffed by a team of seasoned wireless professionals with a combined 80+ years of experience deploying wireless technologies, MNW Telecom is a nationally recognized leader in managed communications services.

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