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MNW Telecom helps school districts and libraries who once thought they were “unreachable” by providing fiber-quality services to meet or even exceed the telecommunications capabilities of their more urban counterparts.

  • High capacity transport & internet
  • DDoS Scrubbing
  • K12, Higher Ed, Municipalities
  • 24×7 service, NOC
  • Remote site and system monitoring
  • Content Filtering
  • Dark/Lit fiber
  • Healthcare Connect Fund Eligible services


Our NOC is always open and staff are ready to respond to any issues.

SLA Guarantees

Custom SLA Guarantees based on your needs and response time. Guarantees should meet your standards, not the other way around.

Private Fiber Network

1:1, dedicated connectivity between all your buildings

SNMP Dashboard

Full visibility into the performance, up time, and latency of the wireless connection.

We serve school districts throughout the Midwest, but our capabilities extend beyond this region and well outside the walls of the school building.

MNW Telecom’s unique value proposition lies in our comprehensive approach to K-12 connectivity as part of community connectivity. Schools are one of the anchor institutions of a community, and there are numerous incentives for companies to build out connectivity – even in remote areas.  However, in those areas where broadband choices are limited or non-existent, students are at a disadvantage due to poor connectivity at home.

For MNW Telecom, bringing broadband to households is integral to our business strategy.

Staffed by a team of seasoned telecom professionals with a combined 80+ years of experience deploying private networks, MNW Telecom is a nationally recognized leader in managed communications services.

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